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Bhutan Mind Vacation Tours is registered under the Tourism Council of Bhutan, Royal Government of Bhutan, offering tourism services promoting the principle of 'quality, responsible and sustainable tourism' through reliable, personalized and professional services to all the travelers.

Our concern is to provide a 'memorable Bhutan' experience with the help of our well trained and highly professional team of experienced staffs and it access to quality facilities.

It’s in the spirit that we bring progressive professionalism to tourism in Bhutan, the company stands prepared to meet demands of your personal interest, we adapt to the needs and habits of the time but without mutilating the cohesive core value structure that binds society.

We will guide you to experience all that is special about Bhutan; the spirited Bhutanese tradition,vibrant culture, architectural marvels, the unmatched beauty of our pristine environment, colorful festivals and exotic adventures in the untouched mountains of Bhutan. The charm and gracious hospitality of our people are some of the treats we have in our offer for you.

Why Choose Us?

Travel with us and we will take you to the exotic hearts of Bhutan as we believe that each journey is special. So we will do everything possible to guarantee your trip in Bhutan is one of your best trips ever.

We also guarantee you that you get what you have paid for, as you get the best of our uncompromised service and attention.

  • We have traveled with many happy and satisfied travlers to all parts of Bhutan on many different tours and other activities over the years.
  • We have an extensive network of contacts throughout the country and know how to plan a trip that best suit your interests.
  • We design tours to match your interest, tastes and budget without compromising on the quality.
  • We are committed to safety, security and satisfaction of all our valued guests.
  • We are here to make the best use of your time with a mission to continually strive for excellence by offering the best value and service to you.
  • We offer a wide range of vacationing possibilities from culture, festivals, photography, nature and serenity filled spiritual tours to action packed adventure travels. The options are various to suit your needs, interest and requirements.
  • We let you choose what you want to do in Bhutan, customize your own tours in accordance with your special needs and interests.

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