Welcome to the unexplored mountain kingdom of Bhutan. Beauty, excitement and wisdom are revealed at each place you visit in Bhutan. It is an exotic adventure travel and wilderness destination. If you are looking for an exciting adventure along with culture exploration and connection with nature, Bhutan is the right destination with its geographical location, its unique culture and friendly people. Among many perspectives on rise about Bhutan, the one that feature most on popularity scale is to get a feel of cultural and traditional sustained for centuries along with with some adventurous activities in the breath-taking unexplored landscapes of Bhutan. There is no other better way to experience these aspects first hand than this Adventure Tour. Outdoor adventures, activities like white water rafting, helicopter sightseeing and mountains/motor biking are in offer. Uncover a purity of culture, traditions, kindness and a life time adventure experience with us.


  • The Most spectacular of all mountain flights in the world
  • White water rafting, helicopter sightseeing, mountain and motor biking
  • Visit various dzongs and Buddhist gompas
  • Hike along scenic nature trails
  • Experience the Land of Happiness with cultural interactions at a local farm
  • Professional Local Guides and Instructors for all activities

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