Bhutan Cultural Tour

Bhutan is a unique land, having survived the centuries by maintaining a distinct identity with its rich cultural heritage and made it the essence of its unique identity, the kingdom hopes to face the future by drawing on its past. The onslaught of globalization is balanced without compromising basic human values. To protect the sovereignty of the country, Bhutan feels it is important to preserve the culture and tradition. The uniqueness of the tradition and culture is visible in everyday life of the Bhutanese. It’s no surprise that the main goal in life for the Bhutanese people is happiness. Even the mandate of the modern Bhutanese state is Gross National Happiness. The kingdom of Happiness is now every traveler’s dream destination. Thus, the carefully controlled tourism policy of the Bhutanese government that says, take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footsteps.

Tour Highlights

  • Community visit and meeting local people in natural setting
  • Visiting the most iconic attractions of the country
  • Festivals and other traditional events
  • Short days hikes and walks
  • Hike to the famous Tiger’s Nest Monastery – Bhutan’s Cultural Icon
  • Cultural shows
  • Tour lead by Professional Cultural Tour Guide licensed by Tourism Council of Bhutan

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