Trip Organizing

Here is a checklist taking you through the trip organizing process and the steps required to book a Bhutan tour

Step 1. Select a tour from our list of tour types or consult with us and customize your own tour. Mention in the tour booking form with details such as:

  • The number of days you plan to spend in Bhutan
  • Tentative date of arrival
  • Group size
  • Personal interests and things you like to do in Bhutan
  • Indicate clearly your Port of Embarkation(POE) on Druk Airline or Bhutan Airline

Step 2. Transfer the tour package cost to our bank account maintained with Tourism Council of Bhutan:

Our Bank Details


Bhutan Mind Vacation Tours & Treks

Account Number


Beneficiary Bank

Bhutan National Bank
P.O Box 439
GPO Building, Chang Lam
Thimphu, Bhutan

Email a copy of the Bank Remittance Slip to

Step 3. Receive your E-visa, Route Permit, Tour Itinerary, E- ticket and Pre-departure Travel Guide 30 days prior to your departure date. In case of emergency we can expedite and issue all in 5-7 working days after the bookings are confirmed.