Bhutan is a sacred land with deeply spiritual people. We have more than 10000 Chortens (stupas)and 5000 monasteries in the kingdom. Many built centuries ago in honor of teaching Buddhism. Spiritual seekers will find numerous spiritual site throughout Bhutan. The history of Bhutan began in the eighth century when Guru Rinpoche, first came to Bhutan. All the places he visited and in which he meditated are places of Pilgrimage for the Bhutanese, who also worship his Eight Manifestations in almost all the temples in the country. Discover Guru Rinpoche caves, dzongs, monasteries and local temples. This spiritual journey offers you opportunities to seat and meditate in each ancient holy sites and caves and as well as to react and conversed with the village temple in charged, be immersed in the murmuring sounds of monks and in the flow of the energy of meditation. Experience the mystical Land of the Thunder Dragon, where Buddhism is part of the traditional culture and Buddhism thrive.


  • Visit Monasteries, Temples and Dzongs which dates to as early as 8th century.
  • Explore the meditation caves where Yogis and Great Saints have meditated.
  • Participating in Buddhist rituals and offerings
  • Blessings for good luck, longevity and good health
  • Meditate, relax and refresh yourself in the kingdom of serenity

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