Bhutan is part of the Eastern Himalayan biodiversity hotspot. The diverse ecosystems and eco-floristic zones have made Bhutan home to a wide array of flora and fauna including some endangered species. In Bhutan, all the natural elements like mountains, rivers, rocks and even the tress have been revered and considered sacred for centuries as the abode of local deities and gods. Such beliefs have helped and complimented the people in natural conservation efforts. Conserving the natural environment is one of the pillars of the Gross National Happiness. The local highlander living at the base of Mount Gangkar Puensum believe it to be the “white peak of the three spiritual brothers”. In respect of such beliefs that exist in almost all highlander communities, mountaineering above 6000 meters is prohibited by the government. Gangkar Puensum is expected to retain its popularity as the highest unclimbed mountain in the world. Bhutan has an impressive 74 percent of its land under forest cover with 51.32 percent designated as protected area. It is mandated at least 60 percent of the land area in the country would always remain under forest cover for all times to come. All our tours are undertaken in a way that is culturally acceptable and environmentally friendly. We are firmly committed to a principle wherein the natural environment is not scarified at the altar of tourism.


  • Visit communities and partake in volunteer works
  • Stay with the locals and experience the typical Bhutanese way of living
  • Explore the parks, wild life sanctuaries.
  • Watch some of the rare birds, plants and animals in the world
  • View some of the highest mountain peaks in the world
  • Tour lead by Nature Specialist

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